I love having the freedom to be creative!  


I create art using the principles of design, and I design interiors and florals with an artistic point of view!  This inspired me to create "Designs by Robina".


As a child, I would sit at the table close to my mother and draw, as she would paint at her easel.  I wanted to be an artist just like her one day.  


Earning a degree in Interior Design, I focused my career in set-design, and as a mural artist.   


Floral design allowed my passion to grow even more, offering another creative avenue.  


I delight in sharing my many years of knowledge through speaking engagements and demonstrations, as well as craft and paint parties.  


Let me design an amazing interior or custom work of

art for you!  Let's get creative!!!

Meet Robina

In loving memory of my amazingly talented mother....

Wanda Jean Herman


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